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Connected Games Final Update

Updated: May 10, 2023

Greetings, fellow gamers! It's time for another update on our exciting multiplayer game project, Robomonks. In this blog, I'll be sharing the final progress on level design and sound/music design, as well as my personal contribution to the prototype.

My primary duty as a level designer on this multiplayer 3D game was to construct interesting and difficult levels that enhance the game's narrative and fully immerse players in this setting. Each level should include a sense of adventure and peril, as well as special features and challenges to keep players interested.

To do this, I've divided the levels into many zones, each with a distinct theme and assortment of enemies. The wasteland zone is an expansive region with many of adversaries to defeat, whereas the abandoned town zone has winding streets and narrow alleyways with plenty of obstacles to avoid. I've been creating the stages to let players make the most of their talents and abilities because I'm constantly seeking for new ways to challenge them and keep them interested.

I've been including obscure locations and labyrinthine passageways that players can find through exploring and which can include valuables and unusual goods. These additional levels of complexity, in my opinion, will improve the gameplay and maintain players' interest over the course of the stages. To do this, I have added assets from the asset store in Unity to place them and check how does the game look and feel.

I've been developing levels that gradually add more complicated systems and tougher opponents as the player advances because I'm also aware of how important level progression pace is. Boss fights must to be difficult and demand the player to employ all of their talents and abilities in order to prevail.

Images: Spawn points for cybermonks (top) and rooftop safe house for gang members(bottom)

Overall, I worked on the game's level design and mechanics with the goal of giving players a fun, challenging experience that complemented the story and world-building.

I have been looking into and experimenting with various methods and equipment to produce realistic and genuine sound effects. Steps, bullets, explosions, and magic spells must all sound realistic and correspond to the setting and gameplay. In order to give players the impression that they are in a different location within the game world, I have also been working on developing distinctive soundscapes for various regions in the game.

Another crucial component of audio design is music, which can enhance the emotional impact of certain game situations. I've been focusing on writing songs that go along with the game's mechanics and mood, creating distinct soundtracks for the demon realm, cult strongholds, and gang regions. Additionally, the music will alter based on the setting and contribute to the overall mood of the game.

I was inspired to create the audio and sound for this game by other video games with a related premise, such as Doom Eternal, Diablo III, and Borderlands 3. These games feature distinctive ray gun and magic spell sound effects that add dimension to the gameplay, and the music enhances the mood and emotion of the game.

Some references for the music in the game:

  1. "Blood and Stone" by Audiomachine

  2. "Apocalypse" by Immediate Music

  3. "Era of Machines" by Two Steps From Hell

  4. "The Future Is Dark" by Position Music

  5. "Virus" by Really Slow Motion

  6. "Rebirth" by Brand X Music

  7. "Lost Civilization" by Gothic Storm

  8. "Chaos" by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

  9. "The End of Everything" by Nick Murray and Roger Shah

  10. "The Last Stand" by James Dooley

References for assets:

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