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Connected Games - Team Robomonks

Project Initiation

An fascinating task is starting a project for a multiplayer game. It's crucial for game designers to develop an original idea that will draw in gamers and keep them engaged. I knew I had to be involved when I was asked to work on a project for team robomonks which was building a game where players wield ray guns that can cure but also cause explosions.


It was exciting to think about how two beams could intersect and cause an explosion. It was a straightforward but ingenious technique with interesting gameplay potential. We began thinking of ways to give the game greater depth with this idea in mind. We developed a skill tree that would let players change their ray weapons in a number of different ways. These revisions included adjustments to the movement speed, healing rate, explosion radius, and other factors.

Gameplay Mechanics

Including elemental skills for players was one of my contributions to the project. The addition of elemental skills gave the game more variety and increased its appeal. The three elemental specialisations available to players were earth, water, and fire. Then, new skills could be developed by combining these components.

As an illustration, the combination of fire and water would result in an explosion, whereas

the combination of fire and earth would result in a lava projectile that may eventually harm foes. The game became much deeper and more entertaining thanks to this mechanic.

Level Design

We decided on a post-apocalyptic mediaeval setting with a cybermonk motif as the game's setting. There were no established authorities like governments, and the earth was wide and empty. There were just cultists, gang members, and the homeless left in the world. This setting gave us the freedom to design a dangerous and unsettling world.

The characters for the cybermonks were something I contributed to the narration. The game's main protagonists, the cybermonks, were on a quest to aid the remaining gang members. The cultists were the game's principal antagonists because not all gangs were good. Gang members would be abducted and killed as living offerings for their gods. With the strength bestowed upon them by their gods, they were also able to call forth demons. The most of the time, the cybermonks had to battle lower-level demons and cultists, but there were also bosses that were higher-level and more powerful demons.

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