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Connected Games Update - I

Hello once more!

I'm eager to share with you the most recent information regarding the game design process and my involvement in the endeavour. The original level design and game mechanics have advanced significantly since my previous update.

Game mechanics: We have been developing the ray gun skill tree and item modification system. By selecting several options from the skill tree, players can upgrade their ray weapons with new features like increased healing or explosion radius. Players can further modify their ray guns using the item modification system by adding various performance-enhancing modules, such as ones that improve the likelihood of critical hits or shorten the cooldown period for the ray gun's abilities.

The players' elemental skills have also been a focus of our efforts. The three elements that players can select from are Fire, Water/Frost, and Earth, each of which has special abilities. Players with the launch element, for instance, can launch fire projectiles that inflict damage over time, while players with the Water/Frost element can use their ice projectiles to slow down adversaries.

Level Design: For the game, which is set in a post-apocalyptic, fantasy-era universe, we have developed an initial level design. The area is largely empty, with only lawless individuals, cult members, and homeless individuals remaining. The planet is separated into various regions, each of which has a unique theme and difficulties.

One of the locations is a deserted mediaeval city that a cult has taken over. The cultists have summoned demons to guard their territory, and players must fight their way through hordes of demons to reach the cultist leader. Another location is a desolate wasteland where gangs and outlaws are roaming about on "Speeder Bikes." To get to the level's conclusion, players must race through the wasteland while dodging enemy fire and obstacles.

I have been working on the initial level design for the first several levels as part of my commitment to the project. I've also been giving the game mechanics and skill tree system feedback and suggestions. I've also been coming up with concepts for the narrative and story of the game, which will centre on the cybermonks' mission to aid the remaining gang members and prevent the evil cultists from conjuring more demons.

Overall, I am ecstatic with the advancements we have achieved thus far and eager to carry on with this fascinating endeavour. Keep an eye out for the following update, in which I'll go into more detail regarding the game design process and my role in the project.

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