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Connected Games Update - II

I'm here with another update on the development of our proposal for a multiplayer game. I talked about the project's beginnings and my contributions to the narration and gaming mechanics in my earlier blog articles. Today, I'd like to provide an update on the game's narrative and the visual design that we have chosen.

Let me begin with the narration first. We have chosen to give each character a backstory in order to give the narrative more depth as we play as cybermonk robots that are trying to save some gang members. This will make it easier for gamers to relate to the characters personally and make the game more interesting.

We have chosen to use a post-apocalyptic mediaeval cyberpunk motif for the artwork. There are no established authority like governments and the atmosphere of the game is largely desolate. Only cults, the homeless, and lawless individuals are left. Gang members ride "Speeder Bikes," which have a Mad Max, Fallout, Rage, and Borderlands feel to them.

Let's now discuss the development of the mechanics and the initial, fundamental level design. We have been developing the ray gun skill tree and item customizations. As I explained in my last blog post, adjustments can include things like movement speed slowing down or speeding up, healing that heals more quickly or more slowly, a wider explosion arc, stronger explosions, and explosions that can push back. Additionally, we have been developing talents for players that use the Earth element, Fire element, Water/Frost element, and combinations of those elements. For instance, combining fire with water causes an explosion, lava with earth creates a missile that harms foes over time, and mud with earth slows down attackers.

We have also been developing the first basic level, which will be located in an abandoned city invaded by cultists. This level's objective is to battle off cultists and demons while rescuing some of the gang members who are trapped and leading them to safety. Multiple routes, underground caverns, and hidden treasure will be present throughout the level to promote exploration and replayability.

This concludes today's update. Keep checking back for additional updates on how our gaming project is coming along. I appreciate you reading.

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