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"Current" - An impulse based game II

Continuing from the last blog, we as a team defined a few steps we needed to get a grip on the character, the world and game settings, these were:

1. Identify the main gameplay loop and mechanics.

The character's capacity to absorb and emit energy, as well as the risks and constraints associated with this power, should be central to the gaming mechanics of the game.

2. Create a game's setting and narrative.

The setting for the game should be a dystopian society where authority is concentrated among those who control the supply of energy.

The narrative can follow the character as they go through the world, make use of their capabilities to stay alive, and defend themselves from those who would take advantage of them.

3. Create the player and enemy characters.

Energy absorption and emission should be possible for the player character, and they should also have skills and metrics that show this ability. enemies susceptible to the player character's energy manipulation skills or with energy-based abilities.

4. Design stages and difficulties.

Make stages or objectives that test the player's ability to control energy in order to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and advance through the game's universe.

Based on this information, I created another short brief for the potential character which was : "Gaining potential powers from mysterious source or maybe the person is a prisoner and has to escape the facility"

1st Iteration:

"The player originally existed as an ordinary person in a world quite similar to our own, where energy was plentiful and easily accessible. However, a tragic occurrence occurred that severely damaged the world's energy infrastructure. After the incident, the player realised they had gained the capacity to both absorb and emit energy at will.

The player first struggled to use their powers successfully because they were unclear of how to control them. In a world where energy was limited and those who controlled it held power, they had little choice but to rely on their own inherent powers to survive. The player moved from one location to another in search of energy sources while learning to use their special abilities to protect them from would-be thieves.

The player started using their capabilities to aid others as they developed more control over them and learnt how to utilise them responsibly. In order to find and secure energy sources for those in need, they ventured to risky and inaccessible locations. The player ran into a number of obstacles and perils along the road, including people who wanted to use their abilities for personal gain.

By persevering and working hard, the player developed into an adept energy manipulator who was revered and feared by those who were aware of their prowess. The player persisted in using their abilities to aid people and make a difference in a world that had been irrevocably altered by the horrific event, despite the risks and difficulties they encountered."



  • Story was more defined

  • Gave a brief introduction to character and their purpose


  • Character backstory still not known

  • Random events that act as fillers instead of meaningful events

2nd Iteration:

"The game is set in a post-apocalyptic environment with limited resources and finite energy. The main character, Nova, is a half-human, half-cyborg creation of a government experiment that tried to make the ideal soldier but failed. They learn about their special capacity to absorb, emit, and change the form of energy as they travel through the ruins of civilisation. They combat mutated animals and survive in the harsh world using these skills. They discover their history and the reason for the apocalypse along the road.

The trip of Nova is an initiation and a change from their previous selves. They come across a mentor who helps them and emphasises the value of balance and control because the player needs to learn how to control their energy in order to survive and advance. The goal of the game is to take Nova through the surroundings to the final boss encounter, when she will emerge changed and with a fresh perspective on the universe and herself. The game is intended to be an interactive version of the hero's journey in which the player undergoes change and metamorphosis while learning lessons in control and balancing."



  • Character backstory with purpose defined

  • Introduction to game world


  • Adding more player choice

  • Allow more conflicts to arise

  • Let the players personalize their story

  • Game needs to produce stories with good interesting curves

There were quite a few improvements as in the meantime we could get to prototype mechanics as well. In the next blog, I discuss about the final iteration of the game narrative, the hero's journey and their characteristic traits.

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