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Journey: A Game Design Study

The game "Journey" was created by thatgamecompany and released by Sony Computer Entertainment to rave reviews. Since its 2012 release, the game has won multiple accolades for its unique gameplay, visual aesthetic, audio composition, and multiplayer component.

Due to its distinct approach to game design, "Journey" is a title that distinguishes out in its category. More information on the game's many game design components is provided below:


  • Linear progression: The game progresses linearly through the desert, letting players advance and find new places.

  • Simple controls: There are only two buttons used for movement and interaction in the game, which offers simple controls. Players can concentrate on the pleasure of discovering the world thanks to this simplicity.

  • Environments that vary dynamically in response to player activities give the game a sense of surprise and unpredictability.

  • Power-ups: The game includes power-ups that grant the player temporary flight, enhancing the feeling of exploration and freedom.


  • Ambiguous: "Journey's" narrative purposefully leaves room for interpretation so that players can create their own interpretations of the world and the events that take place there.

  • Emotional connection: The game's narrative is conveyed through visual and aural cues, enabling players to feel a sense of attachment to the game's fictional world and its characters.

  • Non-verbal storytelling: The game's absence of dialogue and reliance on visual and aural cues produces a distinctive and captivating experience that is available to players of different ages and languages.

Art form:

  • Simple shapes and forms are used to construct the world and characters in the game's minimalist graphical style.

  • Color scheme: The game's colour scheme was carefully selected to express awe and mystery, heightening the emotional effect of the experience.

  • Dynamic lighting: To add a sense of realism and ambience, the lighting in the game changes depending on the time of day and the weather.

Music and sound:

  • Original soundtrack: The game has a soundtrack that was created exclusively for it and adds to the emotional impact and immersion.

  • Dynamic sound effects: The sound effects in the game are interactive and alter in response to the player's choices, which heightens the immersion and realism.

  • Players encounter each other in the game environment but are unable to interact verbally, which adds an element of unpredictability to the multiplayer component of the game. This enhances the player's experience by fostering a feeling of wonder and interpersonal connection.

Finally, "Journey" is a game that stands out thanks to its distinct approach to game design. Players will have a really unforgettable experience thanks to the game's minimalist art design, linear advancement, straightforward controls, and emotional tale. The game's influence on the market and its users is proof of the value of originality and creativity in game creation.

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