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"Anti-Virus": A Digital Prototype

This week, me and my team "Endgame" (as we call it) worked on a digital prototype game called "Anti-Virus" based on the theme "personal hygiene".

With the scope of the project and time frame, we decided to make a 2D platformer game which had simple shoot and kill mechanics with a casual style of play.

Ideation & Game Mechanics

  • Started with looking at mini games like mario party which was our major inspiration

  • Creating simple platform mechanics like Rayman, Yooka-Laylee etc

  • Based on personal hygiene, we decided to go for anti-virus as our main character and viruses as the enemy AI

  • Enemies will spawn randomly at different intervals and at different positions

  • Enemies will move towards the player and if it hits the player, the player takes the damage

  • Player can shoot with 10 bullets in the beginning after which they will have a cooling period of 5 seconds before they can get 10 more bullets to shoot

  • The game is a survival mode only, which means the winning condition is getting a high score in the game

Game Prototype

My main responsibility in the development process was to look after the UI and scoring system which was basically deciding on the look and feel of the game.

I looked for assets that creates the effect that the player is in an environment that is on the inside of the human body.

Reference images of the background image used for the game

Finally, I found the image that encapsulated the theme which we were going for a more dense color with red blood cells across the whole background

I created a scoring system for the game that kept track of the health of the player, number of viruses killed for the high score and the UI elements for the former.

The final prototype was compiled with level design, game programming and AI by my teammates and we got to playtest the game which was fun and got a demo video as well!

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